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There are four A’s in Ballaarat – This Place


The face of a young girl is painted with white stripes by an elderly man in red shirt and head wear in black, red and yellow.
Indigo Harrison and Bryon Powell
12 Feb 2020

For thousands of years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been naming places that were sacred or important to them.

This video is part of an ABC produced series named This Place. It tells the story behind one of these special places:

Bryon Powell takes us on a journey across Wadawurrung country, sharing some of the stories behind its place names. His country stretches from the mountains to the sea. It includes hills, rivers and grassy plains, creeks and coasts and includes modern towns such as Werribee, Geelong and Ballarat in Victoria.

Some Aboriginal language was incorporated into new colonial names of places. Ballarat is spelt Ballaarat in Wadawurrung language,  Wurdi Youang, is now known as the You Yangs and Warrenyeep is written on maps as Mt Warrenheep.

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For more information, visit This Place.

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