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Announcements | 3 Jun 2020

Call for submissions - Children's Books

Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander writer or illustrator with a tale to tell?

Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) are interested in publishing works that connect with young readers and capture their imaginations through stories about the rich culture and diversity of Australia’s First Peoples.

ASP are accepting manuscripts and illustrations from a range of media and Indigenous languages from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers or illustrators.

A group of adults in various forms of dress stand behind a large cake. They are in a room with a board floor and on the wall at the back are items for purchase. At the front and behind the cake is a computer.
Announcements | 1 Jun 2020
The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) and Gab Titui Cultural Centre (GTCC) proudly announced the launch of its new online shop on Monday, 1 June 2020.
In this together- National Reconciliation Week 2020, 27 May – 3 June
Announcements | 26 May 2020
National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2020 will be celebrated entirely online, a way of life we have all become very familiar with in the past couple of months.
Announcements | 25 May 2020
The Morrison Government has committed $10.8 million over three years for Reconciliation Australia to continue their valuable work in shaping Australia’s journey towards reconciliation.
Brown tile with writing and figures of a seat with cushions on it and a lamp at right. In the middle is a poster with the words Indigenous Film Festival. Over the poster is a white circle and inside is a white triangle pointing to the right.
Announcements | 22 May 2020
In honour of National Reconciliation Week 2020, we're excited to announce the first Virtual Indigenous Film Festival on FanForce TV!
Announcements | 22 May 2020
The City of Parramatta’s Warami festival, which celebrates and commemorates Indigenous culture in Parramatta, is returning this year with a unique online program.
Announcements | 22 May 2020
National Reconciliation Week 2020 is an invitation to all Australians to celebrate and deepen the bonds with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Young woman with long brown hair touches a map of Australia featuring place markers and names. In the background is another young woman with her hair in a bun. Beyond her is a display. In the foreground is an arm touching the map.
Announcements | 21 May 2020
Australia’s largest Indigenous art event to go online in 2020.
Two images. At left: A young adult man and young adult woman stand side by side. Before them is a tray of lobsters. At right: A middle aged woman places a fish on a scale. Before here is a tray of fish and behind her is a large fridge.
Announcements | 21 May 2020
The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) is proud to announce that the Erub Fisheries Management Association (EFMA) team has recently produced a shipment of local seafood.
Elderly Indigenous man sits in a room surrounded by large and small pots with Indigenous designs painted or carved on them. Behind him is a wooden wall in front of which is a steel rack upon which are pots.
Announcements | 14 May 2020
The Indigenous arts sector will receive an extra $7 million through the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS) Program during COVID-19.