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A predominantly green tile with the words Coronavirus (COVID-19) on a red background and the words, 'Stay in your community, stay home' on the green.
Stories | 27 Mar 2020
‘We need everyone’s help to follow the rules and stop people getting sick, to protect our Elders, protect our culture and protect our communities.’
A predominantly orange tile with the words Coronavirus (COVID-19) on a red background and the word Update on the orange.
Stories | 27 Mar 2020
For the safety of people living in remote areas, governments have now restricted travel into these communities.
Grey building with many windows. At left are palm trees and others trees and a bush. In front is grass, a walkway and walls.
Announcements | 27 Mar 2020
Consistent with the Australian Government’s measures in response to the impact of COVID-19, the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) is taking the important step to close the Gab Titui Cultural Centre (GTCC) on Thursday Island to the general public.
Two men walk along a beach with boats, reef and weed and trees in the background. Both wear shorts and casual shirts.
Announcements | 26 Mar 2020
Screen Australia’s Indigenous Department has today announced production funding for four documentary projects, with the agency’s contribution to the budgets totaling $745,000.
Yellow tile with the word Update at centre and above in a small red panel, the words: Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Announcements | 26 Mar 2020
The Australian Government is working in close collaboration with State and Territory Governments to help save Australian lives by stopping the spread of COVID-19.
Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Stories | 26 Mar 2020

Tiwi Land Council and Executive Director of Township Leasing

A further Restriction of Entry has been issued and will come into effect from 7pm on 26 March 2020 and will remain in place until further notice for the remote Indigenous communities on the Tiwi Islands:

Broad blue horizontal bar atop a narrow white bar atop a red bar with Indigenous design crossing over all bars. Text in blue bar says CDP Changes. Text in red bar says Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Stories | 26 Mar 2020
Changes have been made to the Community Development Program (CDP) to help keep jobseekers living in remote communities safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Announcements | 25 Mar 2020
The Australian Government is offering 45 flexible grants to help 110 remote communities across Australia protect themselves against COVID-19.
Purple and pink tile with line images of feet, a cockatoo, an emoji and more and at the centre are the words: Imagination [TV]
Stories | 24 Mar 2020
AIME is delivering their mentoring services for Indigenous youth online through IMAGI-NATION {TV} – a weekday series on YouTube.
Orange tile with Indigenous design at right with the following words in white print: Keeping communities safe, Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Stories | 22 Mar 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading in Australia, the virus makes people sick. It can be dangerous, especially for our Elders or people who are already unwell.