A young adult Indigenous woman in yellow shirt and black pants stands between five Indigenous children dressed in green shirts and black shorts. All stand on a flat green playing surface. In the background are poles, and buildings.
Lisa Fatnowna is an Ambassador and Mentor for the Aspire to be Deadly program. Telling young Indigenous women that nothing is impossible.
Three people stand on a wooden floor and behind them is a covered area with walls and ceiling but opened to the outside. An Aboriginal man in dark shirt and shorts is at left. Next to him is an Aboriginal woman in blue shirt and colourful skirt. At her le
Work is going ahead to revitalise two Croker Island traditional languages: Iwaidja and Marrku.
A woman in black top stands in front of a tree. In the background is a river and beyond that a riverbank and foliage.
Wiradjuri woman Leonie McIntosh explains the history behind Mungabareena and the Bogong trail.
Indigenous woman in black jacket and white blouse sits in a wall in a park. In the background are trees and grass.
Lorraine Hatton OAM spent 20 years in the Army and recommends it as a career path for young Indigenous men and women.
A woman with brown hair and wearing a brown jacket speaks into a microphone. In the background is a large poster in front of a window behind which are trees. The poster has a logo featuring three sets of concentric circles linked by curved lines.
This year, Indigenous Business Month (IBM) celebrates the entrepreneur who sees opportunity and value for Indigenous communities where others don’t.

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