Indigenous Primary School teacher standing front of Indigenous artwork of Honey ants and dots in circles on a brown background.

Primary School teacher, Rosemaree Whitehead shares and recommends her 7 favourite Indigenous based books with us, just in time for the school...

Two Indigenous boys run across red dirt with other children following behind. They are smiling. Closing the Gap logo.

A draft refreshed Closing the Gap framework and targets have been announced. Governments will partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...

Young woman dressed in green cricket helmet and clothing and with yellow pads on her legs, swings a cricket bat at a white ball on a grass covered playing arena. In the background is a dark wall and seating above that.

Hannah Darlington is humbled and excited. Humbled for having followed in the footsteps of the Aboriginal XI who toured the UK in 1868, and excited...

Night sky with a traditional design at right above a cliff face and at left the words: Curricula Project Teacher Guides: Astronomy

Teacher’s toolkits are being enhanced with the introduction of resources to enable teachers to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into all key...

One woman and 10 men, mostly dressed in ranger uniforms, stand on bare ground in front of a river, some signs (cannot read text) and a sliver-grey boat on a trailer.

The li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Rangers are living the dream as they patrol the estuaries and coastline of their part of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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Black poster on blue background with following words: Entries for the National NAIDOC 2019 Poster Competition now open - Voice Treaty Truth 07-14 July 2019 Let's work together for a shared future.

Entries for the National NAIDOC 2019 poster competition are now being sought.

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