Aboriginal man in dark jacket holds a book in his right hand and points with his left. In the background is grass, water, sand and sky.
Learn about the history of Bung Yarnda (Lake Tyers) and the change which has come in recent years to its ecosystem.
Middle aged man sits at a table with flags in the background and a large monitor on the wall. He wears glasses and a blue shirt. He holds a paper document in his hand and on the table in front are books, pens and a laptop computer.
Alan Fenwick received culturally appropriate support at university which helped him complete his degree.
Elderly Aboriginal man in blue polo shirt with Aboriginal designs on the sleeves and wearing a cap stands with a young girls in a blue shirt. In the background is grass and trees.
Learn about the goanna spirit which still lives on in Barralbarayi where the men would take the boys for education.
Two Aboriginal women smile at an Aboriginal child held by one of them. The child wears a blue jumpsuit with Aboriginal designs on the front. In the background is a flower bed, two fences and trees.
The Pika Wiya Health Service in Port Augusta is making the 715 health check a regular event for everybody in the local Aboriginal community.
Large sign in foreground with the words Cullunghutti Aboriginal Children and Family Centre. In the background is a building with shrubs and around it. Behind the building is a sail and a clear blue sky.
Learn about the centre in Nowra preparing Aboriginal leaders for the future.

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Two women and one man stand at a table. On the table are papers and in the background is a large poster with the words on point. Also in the background are more people and pillars.
In partnership with the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), Supply Nation is hosting a series of FREE Indigenous Business Trade Fairs around Australia.
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