A young woman holding a glass trophy wearing a blue shirt is standing in front of a yellow screen that reads “Young Australian of the Year”.
Congratulations 2020 Young Australian of the Year Ash Barty.
A young girl wearing a grey t-shirt and black hat, looking at the camera. She is standing in front of a paddock with cows.
The inaugural camps of the Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy were launched in Cairns and Townsville over the past two weeks.
An Aboriginal man in black hat and black singlet with Aboriginal flag on it holds two sticks as he stands on a hill covered in dry grass. In the background is a blue sky, more hills and fields and trees.
Barry Gilson relates the story of creation as told by the Wathaurung people.
At left is a small circular logo featuring white human shaped image on a background of dots in circular pattern. At right are 3 images of Indigenous people holding plate shaped trophies. Images are on a black background with yellow dot formation above.
NAIDOC Week 2020 is a chance to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Indigenous Australians.
A woman with long dark hair and wearing a blue and white dress stands in a forest. In the background are trees, logs and small shrubs.
Learn the Wanungara story of the creation of the Gold Coast hinterland.

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Three circular images of women holding colourful posters, each image surrounded by white dots on a black background. Words underneath images are: Entries for the National Naidoc Week Poster competition now open! At left is a colourful logo.
Poster entries close 5:00pm AEDT, Monday 3 February 2020.
Words 'Indigenous Voice' appear on a dark grey background with wavy blue, black and white lines with dots and circles at right and beige colour at far right.
Find out about the co-design process to develop models for local, regional and national elements of an Indigenous voice.

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