Group of young men stand around a fire placing long sticks over the fire from which smoke arises. In the background are trees, a fence and a light pole.
Learning about Warnindilyakwa culture through making a traditional fishing spear.
A group of 15 people stand together. Minister Ken Wyatt is in the cente of the image.
The Senior Advisory Group guiding the co-design process to develop an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice met for the first time in Canberra...
Aboriginal woman with long black hair and wearing a grey top stands in front of foliage growing on a rocky bank.
At Julian Rocks NSW, rests Nguthungulli, the creator of the land and water around Byron Bay.
A woman wearing a uniform and hat, stands on grass in front of a building.
‘… we must never fail to remember the terrible destruction of human life…’
Two sets of cricket stumps and bails stand at each end of a narrow green strip of artificial grass. The two middle stumps are bright orange with Indigenous designs. On both sides of the pitch is real grass and in the background are two tall buildings.
The middle stump on the cricket pitch is a new way to make an Acknowledgement of Country.

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Find out about the co-design process to develop models for local, regional and national elements of an Indigenous voice.

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