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Digital Literacy app - Your Online Journey

The Your Online Journey app has been created to share the benefit of using the internet to all areas of Australia, particularly its remote communities. It is targeted at adults in Indigenous communities who are not engaging online, even when internet access is available. The app takes the mystery out of getting online and guides the user in how to stay safe on the internet. 

The app has been designed to progressively teach skills to users. It is able to be downloaded and users can learn at their own pace.   The app is suitable for individuals or small training groups. It is a public resource available for download by anyone.

The Your Online Journey app takes the user through a series of self-paced modules. Each module focuses on a specific topic including websites, creating email accounts, social media sites, internet providers and search engines. The app will teach users about data allowances and how to best use their available data. It will show users how the internet can be used for study and to apply for jobs. The app has information about how to avoid scams, deal with online bullying, share devices safely and manage a digital footprint.

Your Online Journey modules teach users everything from how to get online, use different devices, access services such as banking and how to use MyGov. The user can skip ahead at any time or go back and review previous content.

The app’s content was developed in response to feedback from communities where the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet provide telecommunications activities. Consultation was undertaken to develop the app in the communities of Hay, Yalata and Koonibba. If you have feedback on the app’s content, please contact us.

Accessing Your Online Journey

The Your Online Journey app is for use on mobile or tablet devices. To download ‘Your Online Journey’:

  • Connect to community or public wifi to download the app because it is a large file.
  • For iPhones search AppStore.
  • For Android search Google Play Store – esafety Your Learning Journey.
  • Download on Android devices - If you are using an Android device remember to click on ‘download’ when prompted to download all the modules.


The Your Online Journey app was developed as a joint project between the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. Funding was provided from the Indigenous Advancement Strategy - Remote Australia Strategies Programme.

The Australian Government wishes to thank the communities of Hay, Yalata and Koonibba for providing valuable input, guidance and feedback to shape the resource.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the Project team from eWorks, Global Vison Media, and in particular, Cultural advisors from the Indigenous Education Centre and Bendigo Kangan Institute.

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