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Jobs, Land and Economy

Having a job helps people build the future they want for their families and their communities.

Supporting people to find and stay in work and making sure everyone has the opportunity to own your own home, run your own business, and provide for yourself and your families will mean a strong future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

To make this happen, government and communities need to work together to:

  • increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have work
  • train more people for local jobs in their communities
  • support Indigenous rangers to manage land and sea country
  • progress land and Native Title claims
  • negotiate more community held township leases.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to start or grow their own business, the Australian Government is providing practical support through the Indigenous Business Sector Strategy (IBSS). Indigenous businesses will be able to access business support, financial support and networks through the IBSS. In addition, the Indigenous Entrepreneurs Fund helps Indigenous Australians start up or grow their business, by providing access to business advisors and grants to purchase plant and equipment. For more information, go to Indigenous Business Sector Strategy

The government introduced the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) on 1 July 2015 to give Indigenous businesses greater opportunity at winning Commonwealth contracts. The IPP leverages the Commonwealth’s annual multi-billion procurement spend to drive demand for Indigenous goods and services, stimulate Indigenous economic development and grow the Indigenous business sector. For more information refer to Indigenous Procurement Policy.

The Government works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to help you build your future your way. Different communities will have different priorities and different ways they want to develop and sustain economic independence in their region.

For further advice about a home loan or business finance, contact  your local branch of Indigenous Business Australia (IBA).

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