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Children and Schooling

A healthy and safe start to life gives our children the greatest chance of succeeding at school, realising their potential, and making the most of their opportunities throughout their life.

Investing in children’s early years builds on the strengths of culture and care, and sets the course for a future of prosperity and opportunity. It supports strong foundations and underpins better education, employment, health and social outcomes for them, their families and communities.

Ensuring children are ready and able to participate in school every day is essential. By getting children to school, improving education outcomes and supporting families through their child’s education – from early years learning through to tertiary education – will achieve real results for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A good education also helps keep culture strong and enable future generations to share stories about their community, culture and kinship.

To make this happen, government and communities need to work together to:

  • connect children with early learning opportunities and support
  • focus on parents, families and carer support
  • improve school attendance rates, particularly in remote areas
  • ensure more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are meeting the national minimum standards in literacy and numeracy
  • support more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to finish Year 12, or equivalent
  • support more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to go on to higher education at TAFE or university.

For advice or financial support regarding education, please note that the Department of Human Services has a study assistance program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Also, for further advice about funding a child's education, contact our department’s regional office nearest to you.

Recent stories

Three men, two in yellow work-wear shirts and one in a blue shirt stand close to camera. In the background is a flat area covered with blue and pink rubber. Surrounding this is bare soil, grass and fences. There are buildings at right and left and behind.
10 Mar 2020
A new soft fall surface under play equipment at Bamagau Kazil child-care centre makes for a safer play area, thanks to Bamaga Enterprises.
Indigenous woman with long black hair wearing a black t-shirt with a blue, green and white flag on the front stands in front of body of water. In the background is grass and a cliff face.
11 Feb 2020
Renee Phillips teaches maths and science and wants to see more Indigenous teachers and students engage with STEM studies and careers.
A young girl wearing a grey t-shirt and black hat, looking at the camera. She is standing in front of a paddock with cows.
24 Jan 2020
The inaugural camps of the Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy were launched in Cairns and Townsville over the past two weeks.

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Many different organisations and government agencies are working with communities to achieve real results in children and schooling. Visit the websites below to find out more: