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Working together to ensure food and essentials are available in regional and remote areas

21 May 2020

Ensuring food and other essential supplies are available to remote communities during coronavirus is one of the Governments highest priorities.

Stores, suppliers and the Government are working closely together to ensure goods get to where they are needed most.

The working group includes community store managers, wholesalers and suppliers, transport services, and senior representatives from state and territory governments.

The working group is closely monitoring supply levels in regional and remote communities, and identifying solutions as issues arise.

Already more than 2000 residents across the NT are benefiting from grocery relief as part of a major delivery of 50 tonnes of food.

Australia has extensive stocks and supply chains of food. Some food stores have chosen to limit purchases of certain products to ensure restocking can meet demand.

You can help by only buying what you need when you shop, so there is plenty for everyone.

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