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Mii Pudnanthi - To Awaken

12 Oct 2019 to 13 Oct 2019
Wayville SA

Mii Pudnanthi or To Awaken in Kaurna Language is a celebration of Aboriginal culture and an invitation to all cultures to come together and awaken the spirit of this country.

This is the Inaugural Mii Pudnanthi Gathering is hosted by Traditional Custodians in conjunction with the Whole of Life Expo, HEARTS Indigenous Corporation and Focus Solutions.

Mii Pudnanthi showcases the culture of the Aboriginal people of South Australia through visual arts, song, dance ceremony and performance. Mii Pudnanthi extends an invitation from Traditional Owners and Custodians to all Cultural Groups to come together in mutual respect to forge a new pathway of reconciliation.

The 2019 Gathering will create opportunities for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Artists, and Performers from all regions to network and share their knowledge, develop new skills and recognise collaborative achievements.

It celebrates the unique wholistic approach to Health characteristic of Indigenous Communities across Australia.

Angelena Harradine-Buckskin Senior Kaurna woman, Director of Yaitya Mintirninthi, Centre for Kaurna Healing, Director of Gut feeling Colonic Semaphore and Aboriginal Advisor on women’s business and women’s issues, has created a safe place to share the deep knowledge of this land, her ancestors with the support of her Elders and Community.

Other details:

Please Contact Hearts Custodian Community Development Consultant Angelena Harradine-Buckskin on 0481 101 404 for details about participating in this event.

Schools and Community Organisations, Disability Services and Cultural Groups are encouraged to participate.

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12 Oct 2019 to 13 Oct 2019
Royal Adelaide Showgrounds
Wayville SA 5034
0417 890 787

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