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TSRA supports Climate Reality Leadership training for Torres Strait representatives


Group of people in different coloured clothing. Back row stands and front row sits.
Torres Strait Island representatives are joined by Al Gore, former Vice president of the USA.
26 Jun 2019

Media Release: Torres Strait Regional Authority

The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) supported seven Torres Strait Islanders through funding for travel and accommodation expenses, to participate in a three-day climate change leadership training opportunity held in Brisbane this month.

Climate Reality is an initiative of the Hon. Al Gore, former Vice president of the USA and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on building global awareness on climate change.

Participants from Australia, PNG, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific attended this fantastic opportunity to work with Mr Gore and his highly experienced team of climate change and communications experts in building their understanding of climate change, climate solutions. They also received training on climate change communications.

TSRA Chairperson Pedro Napau Stephen said that climate change continues to grow as a critical issue for the Torres Strait region.

“Climate change impacts important aspects of our way of life and culture,” Mr Stephen said.

“The TSRA is therefore very pleased to be able to support a contingent of Torres Strait Islanders to participate in this important opportunity and to continue to develop our local climate change leadership capacity.

“Time is running out for effective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

“It’s important that the Torres Strait maintain its position in leading local climate change action as well as supporting calls for national and international action to deal with this threat decisively,” he said.

Those attending the training are all people who are actively involved in climate change issues in the region and include Mayor Fred Gela, TSRA Environmental Portfolio Board Member Hilda Mosby, Cr Ted Nai, Kabay Tamu, Nazareth Warria and Torres Webb.

TSRA Member for Masig, Hilda Mosby said the Torres Strait region and the impacts of climate change received excellent exposure during the forum.

“We are all concerned with how climate change is impacting our lives and communities in the Torres Strait, which was evident in the presentations by the panellists.

“Mayor Gela of Torres Strait Island Regional Council and TSRA Senior Liaison Officer Vic McGrath, both participated on panels with Mr Gore and Torres Webb gave an impassioned presentation on our region, which was one of the highlights of the event,” she said.

Vic McGrath and Climate and Coastal Project Manager John Rainbird are both former graduates of Climate Reality Training in 2006 and participated as mentors during the training.

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