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Announcements | 14 Aug 2019

I first met Ningali Lawford-Wolf in the 1980s.

Announcements | 14 Aug 2019

Today we lost a great Australian.

Young Aboriginal girl in red school uniform and three soldiers (2 women and 1 man) surround a white dog on a grassed area. One soldier holds a hose. In the background is a playground.
Stories | 14 Aug 2019

The remote community of Jigalong in WA is getting new infrastructure, additional health services and certified training courses thanks to AACAP.

Group of Indigenous women in casual clothing stand on dry grass with a dirt road and trees in the background. Two vehicles are also in the background.
Announcements | 13 Aug 2019

The sixth Torres Strait Women’s Leadership Program has kicked-off, as a group of nine Indigenous women from our region, commenced recently on stage one in Cairns.

Announcements | 12 Aug 2019

Some of Australia’s biggest businesses will collectively spend over $3 billion with Indigenous suppliers over 5 years under the Business Council’s Raising the Bar initiative, launched today by Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt in Perth.

Two Aboriginal women stand on a beach with water and trees in the background. They support a finely weaved circular item between them which stands almost as high as them.
Announcements | 9 Aug 2019

The Morrison Government has announced $20.81 million to support around 80 Indigenous art centres, as well as a number of art fairs, service organisations and regional hubs, providing new opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, most living in remote communities.

Announcements | 9 Aug 2019

Australia is home to the world’s oldest continuous culture and on the United Nations’ International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP, said that all Australians should be proud of the role Indigenous culture continues to play in our nation.

White haired Aboriginal woman wearing blue and white collared shirt sits on a floor. To her left is a graphic of leaves and the following words: 9 August International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.
Stories | 8 Aug 2019

The theme for the 2019 International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is Indigenous Languages.

Image of red and orange and yellow lava exploding upward in front of a black background. Words at left say First Nations Media Awards.
Postcard | 8 Aug 2019

There are 27 Award categories celebrating the contributions of people working across the First Nations media industry in remote, regional and urban locations.

The awards recognise significant contributions over the years, encourage emerging producers and presenters just getting started and celebrate excellent content that tells meaningful stories with budgets big and small.

Young girl with black hair smiles at camera, head on her crossed arms and they on some books on a desk. In the background are school room items. At left is a UNSW logo and the words: Australia's Global University, Professional Learning. Literate parents
Event | 15 Nov 2019
Kensington NSW

In Australia, the Literacy for Life Foundation (LFLF) estimated between 40-70% of Aboriginal adults have low English language literacy.