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There is a graphic showing 5 vertical panels. Underneath is a horizontal panel. The vertical panels have portraits of Indigenous Australians. The first from the left is a seated man wearing a hat who is looking away from the camera. The second is a mature
Stories | 4 Jan 2019

As the sun came up over the horizon on January 1 it marked the dawn of the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

White background with orange circle with “Summer Food Series” written in the middle. To the right half a watermelon, two strawberries and one banana.
Stories | 24 Dec 2018

Refreshing summer foods are a treat to prepare in the kitchen during the school holidays or as an after school snack.

Words on a white and blue floral background: happy holidays.
Announcements | 18 Dec 2018

This is the last newsletter for the year.

Seven young Aboriginal women, most wearing blue t-shirts stand in a group in a room with a board floor and a book case in the background. At left on the wall are the words Penguin Random House Australia.
Stories | 18 Dec 2018

Seven female students from Tiwi College in the Northern Territory just did the near impossible. They wrote, illustrated and published a book in less than a week and grew in confidence throughout the journey.

Several glasses and a jug sit on a tablecloth of Indigenous design. Some glass are empty while the jug and other glasses are filled with a red drink with a white head.
Postcard | 18 Dec 2018

Rainbow Juice Cordial

Woman in blue and white dress stands before a wall on which are shelves holding books and other materials.
Stories | 17 Dec 2018

Jilkminggan Op-shop in the NT supplies local artists with paint, canvas and other supplies and the local community with clothes, bedding and other necessities.

Indigenous Primary School teacher standing front of Indigenous artwork of Honey ants and dots in circles on a brown background.
Stories | 14 Dec 2018

Primary School teacher, Rosemaree Whitehead shares and recommends her 7 favourite Indigenous based books with us, just in time for the school holidays.

Seven youth walk across a zebra crossing, each carrying large yellow letters which spell out Heywire. In the background are trees and cars and road.
Announcements | 13 Dec 2018

The ABC Heywire Competition has announced its winners for 2019 and they include 5 Indigenous youth from around Australia.

Two Indigenous boys run across red dirt with other children following behind. They are smiling. Closing the Gap logo.
Stories | 13 Dec 2018

A draft refreshed Closing the Gap framework and targets have been announced. Governments will partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to finalise the targets and support the needs and aspirations of communities across Australia.

Announcements | 11 Dec 2018

A new Inland Rail Indigenous Participation Plan (IRIPP) will ensure local communities can share in ongoing employment opportunities of the transformational rail-track’s roll-out and operations.