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26 Mar 2018

The new look website includes a new Community Finder map and some new features to make browsing easier.

Since 1 June 2012, the website has showcased stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ accomplishments and successes, along with important government announcements on Indigenous affairs.

And through the ‘Contact Us’ form, the site assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with queries ranging from Indigenous culture and identity to funding of education and more.

After almost 6 years and over 650 good news stories, the site has changed to include more user-friendly features, a new look and feel and most importantly, it connects stories to communities.

Through the Community Finder map, (or the drop down list under ‘Communities’) you can locate a specific Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community and read the stories and announcements related to that community.

Click on a map marker or a number to expand the map, find your community and read on. We’re just getting started so we know that not all communities are listed. If your community is not yet there help us to get you on the map.

Other new features include:

  • Easier navigation with drop-down menus for quick and easy access to pages

  • A home page graphic news image, scrolling through the last 5 stories

  • A re-vamped ‘message’ space under the news image to showcase interesting and important announcements.

The new site retains popular features including:

  • A list of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Regional Offices

  • Statements on the Government’s Indigenous Affairs policies and programs

  • Up and coming Indigenous related events that you can submit here.

Sit back and start clicking through the new site. We would love to hear your feedback on our new features and of course, our weekly stories about the success of Indigenous individuals, groups and businesses making a change in the lives of First Nations peoples all over Australia.

Share your feedback with us on the site, or through our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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