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Indigenous woman with hair pulled back and wearing a black and white dress. Above her are the words Indigenous Careers Internship Pathway 2019. Below her are the words: Indigenous careers.
Announcements | 27 Aug 2019
Are you currently studying at university in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne? This is your pathway to apply your skills and gain an insight into working in Government.
Announcements | 16 Aug 2019
Applications for Indigenous students from all around Australia to travel to Canberra and see first-hand the opportunities available to them working in Government will be closing in one week.
Announcements | 15 Aug 2019
The Morrison Government’s Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) is delivering practical and tailored support to help Indigenous students succeed in higher education and unlock greater opportunities in life.
Banner with concentric circles at right and words at left on white background: Young Indigenous Women's STEM Academy and logos for CSIRO, Career Trackers and the NIAA.
Announcements | 29 Jul 2019
A new national STEM program is rolling out with applications under the first round opening today for young Indigenous women in North Queensland.
Announcements | 25 Jul 2019
The Goodes O’Loughlin Foundation Limited (The GO Foundation) has been provided $4.5 million over three years to support the provision of scholarships for Indigenous students and strengthen their operations.
A group of primary school children stand with 4 grown men. The men are wearing work shirts, the children are holding fruit.
Announcements | 12 Jul 2019
The Torres Strait Regional Authority recently visited Dauan Island to share their Horticulture in Schools program and introduce the community to the Shade Tree Project
NAIDOC Resources available
Announcements | 11 Jun 2019

The 2019 National NAIDOC teaching guides are now available.

Invaluable resources to support teachers and local communities build knowledge and celebrate Australia's Indigenous past.

The teaching guides were developed by Dr Lynette Riley, aiming to address the need to support communities and teachers wishing to learn and teach Indigenous history and culture, but who are not often in a position to create this content, or connect with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Announcements | 21 Mar 2019
The Liberal Nationals Government continues to foster the growth of the next generation of Indigenous leaders by funding both the expansion of the Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy and the Beyond Broncos Mentoring Program, paving the way for more school students to achieve their academic potential and thrive beyond the classroom.
Announcements | 16 Mar 2019
The Coalition Government will invest $2.1 million in the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) to construct a new Alumni Boarding House to support the wonderful work MITS does with remote and regional Indigenous boarding students.
Group of three men and three women flanked by an orange and pink design. Above is the Austalian Government logo and the words, Indigenous Careers Graduate Pathway. At bottom is the Indigenous Careers logo.
Announcements | 14 Mar 2019
Have you graduated within the past 5 years, or are graduating this year—don’t wait, submit an application for the Indigenous Graduate Pathway!