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Announcements | 5 Feb 2019

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians will now have access to an innovative new digital tool to support them in improving their digital literacy and protect their online safety.

Announcements | 4 Feb 2019

Schools across Australia have returned for another year with around 14,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students supported to attend school through the Coalition Government’s successful Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS).

Announcements | 4 Feb 2019

Remote Australian job seekers will have more employment opportunities and communities will have more say over how the Community Development Program (CDP) is delivered locally under changes to the program.

Announcements | 1 Feb 2019

The Coalition Government’s strong partnership with the NSW Aboriginal Land Council has been further strengthened through an $800,000 grant under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy to support the Koori Knockout for the next four years.

Announcements | 25 Jan 2019

The Coalition Government has committed $1.4 million to a grants round supporting Australian communities to celebrate the culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians during NAIDOC week this year.

Words on a white and blue floral background: happy holidays.
Announcements | 18 Dec 2018

This is the last newsletter for the year.

Seven youth walk across a zebra crossing, each carrying large yellow letters which spell out Heywire. In the background are trees and cars and road.
Announcements | 13 Dec 2018

The ABC Heywire Competition has announced its winners for 2019 and they include 5 Indigenous youth from around Australia.

Announcements | 11 Dec 2018

A new Inland Rail Indigenous Participation Plan (IRIPP) will ensure local communities can share in ongoing employment opportunities of the transformational rail-track’s roll-out and operations.

Announcements | 10 Dec 2018

Up to 40 new jobs are on the way for various regional and remote centres over the next year thanks to the Liberal National decentralisation agenda.

Announcements | 7 Dec 2018

School teachers will have access to new resources to support their teaching of Australia’s Indigenous histories and cultures under a new Coalition Government project.