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Two Indigenous adult women, one dressed in light grey shirt and holding a child dressed in white clothes, the other in a dark grey shirt.
Stories | 28 Feb 2017
Outcare provides rehabilitation services in Western Australia designed to help people released from prison break the cycle of re-offending - a service which benefits the individual and the entire community.
Seated on a large swing chair, an Indigenous woman dressed in black plays a guitar while an Indigenous man in red top and grey pants plays a large bongo drum.
Stories | 24 Feb 2017
Since joining the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Tasmanian Kyle Stone, has gone from living in an intensive residential support unit for four years, to living in an ordinary suburban home – and started playing the drums!
A group photograph of eight members of the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA).
Stories | 8 Feb 2017
The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) is providing high quality, accessible and culturally relevant support to Indigenous prisoners and juvenile detainees at the Darwin Correctional Centre and Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre, from initial contact with correctional services until successful reintegration with the community.
Indigenous male holding a medal.
Stories | 30 Nov 2016

Zibeon Fielding of Mimili in the APY Lands was part of a group of twelve Indigenous men and women, members of the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP), who ran the 2016 New York Marathon. Prior to the founding of the IMP, no Indigenous man or woman had completed any major international marathon. Today Australia has 65 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander international marathoners.

Indigenous woman sitting in a wheel chair.
Stories | 24 Nov 2016

Stella, a proud Indigenous woman born and raised in Alice Springs, is the face of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Tennant Creek.

Dr Peta Miller (Safe Work Australia), Paul Augustin and Thomas Amagula (Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation) at the Safety in Action conference in Sydney
Stories | 30 Sep 2016

The Dhimurru Rangers of eastern Arnhem Land manage a beautiful yet dangerous land and seascape and in order to remain healthy and safe, have devised Work Health and Safety practices which include the Yolgnu concepts of Raypirri, Djaka and Ralpa.

Melvin Malbunka, Chairperson of the Mount Liebig Local Authority (third from left) and Essential Services Operator Jeffrey Wheeler (second from right) with MacDonnell Regional Council staff celebrating Mt Liebig being awarded the inaugural Special Commend
Stories | 23 Sep 2016

Remote Mount Liebig community in central Australia was awarded a Special Commendation in the Australian Tidy Towns competition.

CEPOs building close relationship between communities and the police
Stories | 14 Sep 2016

In remote Northern Territory communities, Community Engagement Police Officers (CEPOs) like First Class Constable Shane Blanchard provide a vital link in the process of building close relationships between locals and the police.

It was all hands on deck as locals took part in a Clean –Up Australia Day event in the remote NT community of Soapy Bore.
Stories | 31 Aug 2016

It was all hand on deck earlier this year when the Soapy Bore community participated in a Clean-Up Australia Day event to help make the community cleaner and safer.

Dion is 'mad keen on drawing dogs' and is working to turn his drawings into a children’s television program.
Stories | 8 Aug 2016

Dion Beasley is a talented Tennant Creek artist and author of two children’s books, who can move around his community thanks to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.