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Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Stories | 26 Mar 2020

Tiwi Land Council and Executive Director of Township Leasing

A further Restriction of Entry has been issued and will come into effect from 7pm on 26 March 2020 and will remain in place until further notice for the remote Indigenous communities on the Tiwi Islands:

An adult man in pale t-shirt has placed his hand on the shoulder of a young man in long sleeve top. In the background is grass, shrubs and a green fence.
Stories | 10 Dec 2019
Jeremy Donovan (father and cultural mentor) shares what he would say to his 15-year-old self about respect.
Indigenous woman with hair pulled back wearing a purple dress. In the background is a wall, then a playing field and buildings.
Stories | 28 Nov 2019
Lani Brennan (author, mother and survivor of domestic violence) shares what she would say to her 15-year-old self about respect.
Two Aboriginal women smile at an Aboriginal child held by one of them. The child wears a blue jumpsuit with Aboriginal designs on the front. In the background is a flower bed, two fences and trees.
Stories | 6 Sep 2019
The Pika Wiya Health Service in Port Augusta is making the 715 health check a regular event for everybody in the local Aboriginal community.
Young girls and two police officers squat behind a horse but are seen through the gap between the front and rear legs. At the head of the horse is a young woman holding its reins. In the background are more people, a grassy area and trees.
Stories | 20 Aug 2019
The Equine Spirit Healing course helps at risk girls develop life skills through interaction with horses.
Young Aboriginal girl in red school uniform and three soldiers (2 women and 1 man) surround a white dog on a grassed area. One soldier holds a hose. In the background is a playground.
Stories | 14 Aug 2019
The remote community of Jigalong in WA is getting new infrastructure, additional health services and certified training courses thanks to AACAP.
Male doctor in blue shirt uses an instrument to check the eye of another man with dreadlocks and wearing a pink beret. In the background are posters.
Stories | 18 Jun 2019
Read about Dr Mark Wenitong and his passion for the 715 Health Check which are vital for Indigenous Australians.
There are 12 adults standing together and facing the camera. They are outside on a sunny day, standing in the shade, in front of a white van.
Stories | 21 May 2019
Outback Stores and the Australian Government are bringing fresh food to Papunya in the NT.
An Indigenous woman and teenaged girl sit at an outside table bench and table. In the background is a bin and green grass.
Stories | 17 May 2019
Find out how mentoring young Indigenous girls can lead to a safer experience for them online.
A woman in blue uniform holds a stethoscope to a man’s chest. He wears a red and white t-shirt. In the background are cupboards and racks of medical equipment.
Stories | 14 May 2019
Find out why the 715 health check is so important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health on the mid-north coast of NSW.