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Aboriginal man in blue shirt and cap with Aboriginal youth in green shirts stand on rocks at a beach with sand and trees in the background. He supports an upright bamboo barrier.
Stories | 6 Nov 2018

Attendance at school and quality of learning has improved at Galiwin’ku through the Learning on Country program which features grass roots, local language activities.

A young aboriginal man wearing a tartan scarf stands in front of a picture of a female dancer.
Stories | 2 Nov 2018

Bangarra’s Beau Dean Riley shares his journey.

Red dirt and spinifex bushes in the foreground and trees in the background.
Stories | 1 Nov 2018

The Attorney-General and Minister for Indigenous Affairs have released exposure draft legislation and a public consultation paper on native title reforms.

Group of Indigenous youth sit or stand on grass, some holding the Aboriginal flag and Torres Strait Islander flag. In the background is a building, cars and trees.
Stories | 1 Nov 2018

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth from around Victoria recently completed the Richmond Emerging Aboriginal Leadership course strengthening their cultural connection and further establishing their education and career pathways.

4 people (Duke and Duchess of Sussex, an aboriginal man Robert Young and third man) stand in an alley viewing colourful murals on the walls lining the alley. In the background are cars, a crowd of people, and trees behind the crowd.
Stories | 29 Oct 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex 2018 Royal Visit Australia Wrap up.

Laura Rangers stand under an overhanging rock with Aboriginal art painted on the rock walls and roof. In the background are trees and grass.
Stories | 24 Oct 2018

During Indigenous Business Month, Minister Scullion visited Northern Territory and Cape York communities to examine the growth in Indigenous business opportunities and how the government can support them.

Collage of paintings featuring Aboriginal designs in multiples colours.
Stories | 23 Oct 2018

The Ngaramura (See the Way) Project identifies ‘at risk’ students and places them on a culturally appropriate path to academic success through mentoring and training in their own Indigenous culture.

Woman wearing sunglasses and black and orange shirt stands under a tree with bushland in the background.
Stories | 18 Oct 2018

Coober Pedy based school attendance officer Monique Highfold is inspiring children to go to school and pursue their unique dreams.

indigiTUBE promotional material, with text ‘our media matters’ and an image of Chris Reid, a singer in the Irrunytju Band.
Stories | 15 Oct 2018

indigiTUBE is a platform for sharing Indigenous media content. Whether music, radio, video, news or oral history, indigiTUBE is a place for sharing and learning about the rich culture of First Nations people.

Aboriginal man in suit and wearing glasses.
Stories | 5 Oct 2018

Michael McLeod’s journey from drug addiction and homelessness to CEO of Message Stick is a demonstration of the triumph of will over circumstance.