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Aboriginal man with long white beard wearing a hat, striped shirt and vest stands in front of a brick building with the following words on the wall: Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Centre 89.1 FM.
Stories | 29 Aug 2018

Umeewarra Radio has been breaking down barriers and Closing the Gap in Port Augusta and surrounding areas since 1987 through community services and music formats which appeal to the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Aboriginal man and woman dressed in 1800s clothing stand on a rock and grassy hill. In the background are trees, a mountain peak and blue sky.
Stories | 27 Aug 2018

This year, the Indigenous Department of Screen Australia is celebrating its 25th anniversary of bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories to our cinemas and into our living rooms.

Seven Aboriginal men and women dressed in warm clothing stand next to a red sign just off a dirt road. In the background are bushes, trees and hills. The sign says Nantawarrina IPA – Australia’s first IPA – Visitors welcome – No entry without permit.
Stories | 23 Aug 2018

In 1998, the small community of Nepabunna in the northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia helped to change the way Indigenous owned land could be preserved.

Three generations of an Indigenous family. At left is a young adult woman in pale dress. Next to her is an older woman in blue and orange dress holding a young boy in shorts and white t-shirt. At right is a man in pale pink shirt. Trees in the background.
Stories | 21 Aug 2018

Finding your Indigenous ancestors takes commitment and perseverance but when you get to know them, you come to know yourself a little more.

Remote attendance officer Rhonda Collins
Stories | 16 Aug 2018

School attendance worker, Rhonda Collins is passionate about getting kids to school in the community of Kalumburu in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Young man with dark hair holding iPad featuring the Bureau of Meteorology’s Indigenous Weather Knowledge website. The webpage shows a map of Australia
Stories | 14 Aug 2018

Indigenous communities have gathered scientific knowledge for thousands of years and Science Week 2018 is a chance to highlight their ongoing relationship with the Australian landmass and the stars.

White haired Aboriginal woman wearing blue and white collared shirt sits on a floor. To her left is a graphic of leaves and the following words: 9 August International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.
Stories | 9 Aug 2018

The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is commemorated each year on 9 August. This year’s theme, ‘Indigenous people’s migration and movement’ invites us to examine the ways forward to revitalize Indigenous peoples’ identities and protect their rights.

Indigenous woman with face painted in white and yellow, wearing red clothing at the Garma Festival.
Stories | 3 Aug 2018

Each year, 2,500 people travel to Gulkula, in North-East Arnhem Land, to discuss pressing issues and share in ancient Yolngu culture at the Garma Festival.

li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Ranger Sean Fitzpatrick tagging a sea turtle at night under torchlight on the sand.
Stories | 31 Jul 2018

World Ranger Day celebrates the courage and sacrifice of rangers as they work to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.

Several Aboriginal children play on a concrete slab under sun shade amongst various water features. On the left is a small train with carriages made from barrels and on the right is a building. In the distance is open ground, more structures and bushland
Stories | 27 Jul 2018

After much ingenuity and work, the remote community of Punmu, WA have turned a bare concrete slab into a water playground, just the thing to beat the heat in the Western Desert.