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Indigenous Advancement Strategy

17 Sep 2019

The Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) is the way the Australian Government funds and delivers a range of programs for Indigenous Australians.

In the 2019-20 Budget, the Australian Government allocated $5.2 billion to the IAS, over four years to 2022-23, for grant funding processes and administered procurement activities that address the objectives of the IAS.

The Australian Government has three clear priorities to make sure efforts are effectively targeted:

  • The positive impact that education has on the future success of individuals, families and communities is clear. Children who go to school have better life outcomes.
  • Employment, economic development and social participation improve the lives of families and communities. The right conditions and incentives need to be in place for Indigenous Australians to participate in the economy and broader society.
  • Growing up in a healthy and safe home and community is essential for families to thrive and reach their full potential. In particular, the violence that too many women and children face must be addressed.

Through the IAS, the Australian Government is working to improve the way the Government does business with Indigenous Australians to ensure funding achieves outcomes. The structure of the IAS supports working with Indigenous Australians, communities, industries, business and service providers. It allows for joint development of solutions at the regional and local level. Funded providers are expected to work closely with Indigenous communities in the design and delivery of projects.

The IAS is supported by the Regional Network in NIAA, which positions senior decision makers close to the people and communities they work with. Staff in the NIAA Regional Network work closely with funded providers and communities to develop and implement local solutions to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Under the IAS, grant opportunities are available under the following six programs:

  • 1.1 Jobs, Land and Economy
  • 1.2 Children and Schooling
  • 1.3 Safety and Wellbeing
  • 1.4 Culture and Capability
  • 1.5 Remote Australia Strategies
  • 1.6 Research and Evaluation

A description of the programs, including details of the outcomes sought and the types of activities that can be funded is at Annexure 1 of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy Grant Guidelines.

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The revised Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Guidelines, which were implemented on 21 March 2016 (updated in August 2019), apply to grant funding only. They do not apply to other funding delivery models available under the IAS, such as the procurement of goods and services.

More information about the IAS, including current grant funding rounds, is available on the National Indigenous Australians Agency website.

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