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Wadeye Magic a boost for remote Northern Territory community

5 Jun 2012

Wadeye Magic looks back at the past history of the community, its love of football and provides a visual account of positive changes in Wadeye as result of the AFL Remote Regional Development Program.

The AFL Program was established in Wadeye five years ago in response to an escalation in anti-social behaviour and gang violence. An independent evaluation has found that it is helping to build a stronger, more cohesive community, with early signs of improved engagement with school attendance, training and employment.

One of the key successes of this program has been the recent formation of an elite football team, Wadeye Magic, which is part of the Northern Territory Football League.

Wadeye – the Northern Territory’s largest Aboriginal Community – has a rich and proud tradition in Australian Rules Football, going back decades. For years there has been local competition with local teams, but now things are about to change. Differences will need to be put aside as the men from different clans and families’ choose to form a united team under one name – the Wadeye Magic.

Find out more

  • Read the joint media release.
  • A report on the Evaluation of the AFL Remote Regional Development Program– Wadeye is available. The report presents the findings of a participatory action research evaluation of the AFL Remote Regional Development Program in Wadeye. It examines the effectiveness of the Program and makes an assessment of its potential to be considered a best practice model.

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