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A structure of iron and metal sheeting stands on blocks of concrete. In the foreground is red soil and in the background are trees and a setting sun.
Stories | 28 May 2020
Government support is helping remote Indigenous communities during the coronavirus shutdown and ensuring stability into the future.
Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Stories | 18 Mar 2020
A Restriction of Entry for the Tiwi Islands has been issued from 18 March 2020 and will remain in place until further notice.
Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Announcements | 14 Mar 2020

A Restriction of Entry to the township of Wurrumiyanga has been issued for Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 March 2020. The Executive Director of Township Leasing Ms Pennie Weedon holds a lease over the whole of the town and at the request of the Tiwi Aboriginal Land Trust, Tiwi Land Council, which represents all Traditional Owners and the broader Tiwi community, has issued the Restriction of Entry.

The annual Tiwi Islands AFL Grand Final is the premier sporting and cultural event for the remote Indigenous communities of Bathurst and Melville Islands.

Announcements | 18 Feb 2020
Employment opportunities in their own backyard and further afield are now on the cards for almost 20 Community Development Program participants following an innovative collaboration between Victoria Daly Regional Council and Batchelor Institute earlier this month.
Announcements | 20 Dec 2019
The Morrison Government has agreed to fund the Northern Land Council with an additional $3.95 million from the Aboriginals Benefit Account to progress 41 unresolved land claims and secure new economic opportunities in the Northern Territory.
Announcements | 2 Dec 2019
Each year, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) showcases the work of over 2000 emerging and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The Fair provides a remarkable space for visitors to meet and learn from over 70 different First Nations cultural groups from across Australia.
Indigenous woman with hair drawn back and wearing glasses and a dark shirt. Behind her is shelving and other office content.
Stories | 2 Dec 2019
Twenty years of supporting the Tiwi community through training and employment placements is a significant achievement.
Broadcaster Lorraine Rogers in the recording studio. She is looking at the camera giving the thumbs up.
Stories | 29 Nov 2019
The Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association broadcasts to 29 remote communities across the Top End.
Aboriginal woman in maroon polo shirt stands in front of an Aboriginal painting of featuring vertical patterns of lines and animals and spears and other figures.
Stories | 30 Sep 2019
Language interpreters are crucial in the lives of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.
Two Aboriginal boys in grass skirts stand at left and behind an Aboriginal man in a red shirt and boy in a grass skirt in the foreground. The man holds some papers on which he and the third boy are focussed. In the background is long grass and trees.
Stories | 27 Aug 2019
Read about Ngandi writer and director Grant Thompson and his desire to wake his traditional language through film.


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