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Announcements | 16 Aug 2019

Applications for Indigenous students from all around Australia to travel to Canberra and see first-hand the opportunities available to them working in Government will be closing in one week.

Elderly Aboriginal man in white shirt and jeans squats next to a river on a sandy shore. In the background on the other side of the river are houses and trees.
Stories | 16 Aug 2019

Learn the story of Burramattagal (Parramatta River) as told by Uncle Jimmy Smith of the Wangal people.

Group of children and adults sit on a low wall. In front is a grassed area on which is a pole. On the other side of the pole stands an Aboriginal man. In the background is a fence and trees and more grass.
Stories | 1 Aug 2019

At Cullunghutti Aboriginal Child and Family Centre, the preservation of language is assured by teaching it in the early years of a child’s development.

Announcements | 31 Jul 2019

Four Indigenous school students from around Australia helped launch the breakthrough educational series they feature in at Australian Parliament House on Tuesday.

Many young people stand in semi-circle watching a ceremony. The image is overlayed with the colours yellow, red, blue and green and the word WEX with letters made from multiple white lines in parallel.
Stories | 26 Jul 2019

WEX 2019 invites up to 70 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to Canberra to learn about career opportunities in the Australian Public Service.

Announcements | 5 Jul 2019

Australians of all backgrounds will come together in Parramatta to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures during NAIDOC Week, culminating in Burramatta NAIDOC Day on Sunday 14 July at Pavilion Flat, Parramatta Park.

Two images: at left is a poster, blue at the top and with the words Voice Treaty Truth encircled by coloured dot rings and below is a multi-coloured wavy design above an image of Uluru. At right is photo of Aboriginal woman with long dark hair and top.
Stories | 2 Jul 2019

Meet the designer of the 2019 NAIDOC Poster, Charmaine Mumbulla.

A man stands in the shade on a sunny day, with trees behind and around him.  He has his hand on his heart and is wearing a shirt with an Aboriginal artwork print on it.
Stories | 27 Jun 2019

Watch our video to see how Indigenous culture is helping kids stay in school in coastal NSW.

Three women (one in grey shirt and two in dark green shirts) stand arm in arm with two children in front of them. In the background is a crowd of people mainly in orange clothing.
Stories | 7 Jun 2019

Read about Matildas’ goalkeeper Lydia Williams and how she feels about playing on the world stage.

A man in jeans and a blue jacket walks along a bush path, with trees on both sides of him and native grass at his feet.
Stories | 5 Jun 2019

Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council preserves a 3km boardwalk to prevent erosion.


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