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Aboriginal young man dressed in ranger uniform in foreground with river and trees in the background.
Stories | 12 Feb 2019

Cody Millar stayed in school so he could he achieve his childhood dream and become a li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Ranger, working out of Borroloola, Northern Territory.

Two Indigenous boys run across red dirt with other children following behind. They are smiling. Closing the Gap logo.
Stories | 13 Dec 2018

A draft refreshed Closing the Gap framework and targets have been announced. Governments will partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to finalise the targets and support the needs and aspirations of communities across Australia.

One woman and 10 men, mostly dressed in ranger uniforms, stand on bare ground in front of a river, some signs (cannot read text) and a sliver-grey boat on a trailer.
Stories | 4 Dec 2018

The li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Rangers are living the dream as they patrol the estuaries and coastline of their part of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Three goats on a dry hillside amongst small trees and bushes.
Stories | 16 Nov 2018

Goats are eating everything on the Nantawarrina IPA in the Northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia but the rangers from the community of Nepabunna are fighting back.

Red dirt and spinifex bushes in the foreground and trees in the background.
Stories | 1 Nov 2018

The Attorney-General and Minister for Indigenous Affairs have released exposure draft legislation and a public consultation paper on native title reforms.

Laura Rangers stand under an overhanging rock with Aboriginal art painted on the rock walls and roof. In the background are trees and grass.
Stories | 24 Oct 2018

During Indigenous Business Month, Minister Scullion visited Northern Territory and Cape York communities to examine the growth in Indigenous business opportunities and how the government can support them.

Aboriginal man in suit and wearing glasses.
Stories | 5 Oct 2018

Michael McLeod’s journey from drug addiction and homelessness to CEO of Message Stick is a demonstration of the triumph of will over circumstance.

Two young Aboriginal girls dressed in blue and yellow polo shirts stand at a podium with an elderly Aboriginal man in blue cap and blue and red shirt. In the background is a small metal shelter.
Stories | 18 Sep 2018

Australia’s first Indigenous Protected Area, Nantawarrina IPA recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, marking the beginning of a revolution in land and sea management which has swept Australia resulting in the creation of 75 IPAs.

Man on left in brown suit and another man on right in dark grey suit sit on a brown couch with legs crossed and smiling.
Stories | 31 Aug 2018

Michael McLeod, CEO of communications company Message Stick, is sending a message to corporate Australia and Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Seven Aboriginal men and women dressed in warm clothing stand next to a red sign just off a dirt road. In the background are bushes, trees and hills. The sign says Nantawarrina IPA – Australia’s first IPA – Visitors welcome – No entry without permit.
Stories | 23 Aug 2018

In 1998, the small community of Nepabunna in the northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia helped to change the way Indigenous owned land could be preserved.