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Indigenous man in black shirt stands in front of trees
Stories | 27 Sep 2018

Kamilaroi man David Kennedy is a valued helping hand for many families in Walgett in Western NSW.

Community night patroller Arshaan Kahn
Stories | 25 Sep 2018

An awareness raising campaign and training package supporting the safety of community night patrollers on and off the job has been launched in Alice Springs.

Young woman with light brown hair wearing glasses and black school jacket stands in front of a sign which says ‘pathways to Indigenous students, Indigenous education’.
Stories | 25 Sep 2018

2017 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student STEM Achievement Award winner, Jessica Storrar, is passionate about science, technology, engineering and medicine and has her heart set on becoming a paediatric surgeon.

Two young Aboriginal girls dressed in blue and yellow polo shirts stand at a podium with an elderly Aboriginal man in blue cap and blue and red shirt. In the background is a small metal shelter.
Stories | 18 Sep 2018

Australia’s first Indigenous Protected Area, Nantawarrina IPA recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, marking the beginning of a revolution in land and sea management which has swept Australia resulting in the creation of 75 IPAs.

Aboriginal man in grey shirt stands in front of the rear door of a truck. The door is painted with red, yellow and black designs and includes the following words: TEABBA Media, TEABBA N.T. Outback Australia,
Stories | 14 Sep 2018

Cyril Franey is a motivated and talented broadcaster taking his Hip Hop and R&B program each week to remote communities over the airwaves and via a 16 tonne broadcasting truck called Ms Jedda.

Aboriginal woman in blue shirt stands next to a yellow rail with the ocean in the background.
Stories | 11 Sep 2018

Traceylee Forester is connecting traditional knowledge and science practices for Australia’s leading marine research body, the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Two Indigenous women in black and white clothing stand in front of trees.
Stories | 7 Sep 2018

Amanda Leonard and Courtney Kelly from Bourke in Western NSW are passionate about supporting their community to create stronger and brighter futures for their children.

Aboriginal woman and young girl read a colourful child’s picture book together.
Stories | 4 Sep 2018

Indigenous Literacy Day is a national celebration of Indigenous cultures, stories and languages. It is also designed to lift literacy levels and a love of reading amongst Indigenous children and adults.

Man on left in brown suit and another man on right in dark grey suit sit on a brown couch with legs crossed and smiling.
Stories | 31 Aug 2018

Michael McLeod, CEO of communications company Message Stick, is sending a message to corporate Australia and Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Aboriginal man with long white beard wearing a hat, striped shirt and vest stands in front of a brick building with the following words on the wall: Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Centre 89.1 FM.
Stories | 29 Aug 2018

Umeewarra Radio has been breaking down barriers and Closing the Gap in Port Augusta and surrounding areas since 1987 through community services and music formats which appeal to the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.