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Event | 14 Feb 2019

The Department of Jobs and Small Business invites your small business to come along to the Mount Barker Small Business Fair.

Announcements | 7 Feb 2019

Monadelphous is the latest Australian business that has signed onto the Commonwealth Government’s Employment Parity Initiative (EPI), committing to 200 new Indigenous jobs to grow its workforce.

Aboriginal woman in dark blue shirt stands next to a glass display cabinet featuring red cricket balls.
Stories | 7 Feb 2019

Cricket Australia’s Indigenous Engagement Specialist Courtney Hagen is breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to play Australia’s national sport.

Green Indigenous print background with small black rectangle with the NAIDOC logo in the top right corner. The rectangle contains writing: NAIDOC 2019 Grant Funding Open Now. A photograph in the middle has 2 female dancers smiling.
Postcard | 6 Feb 2019

The NAIDOC 2019 Grant Funding is now open!

Announcements | 5 Feb 2019

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians will now have access to an innovative new digital tool to support them in improving their digital literacy and protect their online safety.

A young adult woman sits on a red chair holding a small tablet device. She is showing the screen to an older man who is gesturing to the device with his hand. They look calm and relaxed.
Stories | 5 Feb 2019

A new app has been launched to help adults in remote communities reap the benefits of using the internet. The Your Online Journey app aims to show users how to go online and get the best out of their internet experiences.

Announcements | 4 Feb 2019

Schools across Australia have returned for another year with around 14,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students supported to attend school through the Coalition Government’s successful Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS).

Announcements | 4 Feb 2019

Remote Australian job seekers will have more employment opportunities and communities will have more say over how the Community Development Program (CDP) is delivered locally under changes to the program.

Announcements | 1 Feb 2019

The Coalition Government’s strong partnership with the NSW Aboriginal Land Council has been further strengthened through an $800,000 grant under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy to support the Koori Knockout for the next four years.

Montage of four people – from left: Maori woman in blue top, Aboriginal woman in dark top and orange skirt, Aboriginal man in blue suit and Aboriginal man in checked shirt.
Stories | 1 Feb 2019

The Australia New Zealand School of Government sponsored Indigenous Public Servant Forum enabled discussion of issues specific to Australia’s and New Zealand’s Indigenous peoples, and the chance for those who serve them to make connections.