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What’s the latest at the Punmu Activity Hub?

Flying Fox Fun 1.jpg

Aboriginal child on a cable suspended over brown soil. In the background is bare soil and some trees.
Flying through the air in Punmu, WA (Photo courtesy of the Punmu Corporation)
4 Nov 2019

First there was the barrel train! Then there was the water park. And now the kids in the remote WA community of Punmu have a flying fox dingo to play on.

But if you thought that was enough to occupy their time, you were wrong.

There’s a new BMX track, built 5 months ago, a laser tag centre, finished just 6 weeks ago, and just in case the water park was getting a bit ho-hum, they’re adding a plunge pool with slide sometime in the new year.

Now the kids have more ways to burn off energy and another way to cool off on hot summer days.

A group of Aboriginal kids celebrate with raised hands as they stand on a track made from metal tubing and wooden slats. The track lies on brown soil. In the background are trees and buildings.
There’s more to celebrate in Punmu.

In Martu Country, and on the edge of the Great Sandy and Gibson deserts, Punmu is one of the most remote communities in Australia.

It is 200 kilometres from the nearest community of Kunawarritji and 700 kilometres from the nearest town, Port Hedland, so building the Punmu Activity Hub took enormous effort.

Many community members and friends have worked hard to build the Hub but special mention must go to the community‘s great friend and engineering mastermind, Donald (McGivor) Graham. congratulates all the builders and suppliers who have shown they care about kids and who have sacrificed their time and energy to make the Punmu Activity Hub a great place to hang out.

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Watch for the credits at the end to acknowledge all those who made this possible.

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