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Ten Tips for ABA Grant applications

4 Jun 2017

The August 2017 Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) funding round has opened.

Applicants should consider the following tips to help put together an application.  

  1. Get your application in on time

The current funding round opened on Monday, 31 July and closes on Monday, 28 August at 5pm Australian Central Standard Time (ACST).

Applications received after the closing time will only be considered in exceptional circumstances so it’s best to prepare early and have your application ready to submit before the closing date and time.

There are two ABA funding rounds each year so if you don’t get your application in the current round, you have another opportunity to apply next year.

  1. ABA funding is non-recurrent

ABA Grants are one off payments. This means you can’t apply for an ABA Grant for a project that will require more funding in the future.

  1. You need a good business plan

Your idea may sound great on paper but the Advisory Committee needs to know that you have thoroughly planned your idea. You need to provide a business plan to support your application.

  1. How much you can apply for

There is no minimum or maximum amount you can apply for. If your application is for more than $250,000, it’s considered a large project and you will need to submit a detailed Project Management Plan.

For more details on the Project Management Plans, read page 7 of the ABA Grant Guidelines.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, grant funding provided under ABA is subject to GST.

  1. What you can apply for

You need to design your funding proposal under one of the four ABA categories:

  1. supporting Enterprises

  2. supporting Community

  3. supporting Culture, Language and Leadership

  4. supporting Land, Sea and Waters Management and Use

Check out page 5 of the ABA Grant Guidelines for full descriptions of each category.

  1. Talk to the experts first

Does your application relate to land acquisition, management or agriculture? You need to talk to the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) before you submit your application. You need to provide evidence that you have communicated with the ILC and any relevant documents including statements regarding ILC support for your proposal, including whether ILC considers the proposal viable and value for money.

If your application relates to pastoral or business investment, you need to talk to Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), and provide evidence that you have communicated with IBA and any relevant documents including details regarding their support for your proposal. 

  1. Make sure your contact is able to be easily reached

Sometimes we need to contact applicants/organisations to clarify elements of their application or relay important information. You should ensure that the contact person for your application can be easily reached.

  1. How you plan to spend your grant

You need to provide a detailed income and expenses budget for the proposal by financial year. A Budget template is available in the Application Kit on the ABA webpage.

  1. Make sure your quotes are in order

Ensure that any relevant quotes are less than 12 months old and included in your application.

  1. Where you can find further information

Find more information on ABA, including the application kit and whether your organisation is eligible to apply, on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s website.

If you’ve got any further questions, you can contact us either by email at or phone the ABA Hotline on 1800 354 612. You can also phone your local Prime Minister and Cabinet office for more information.

We will be answering your questions until 4:30pm ACST on 21 August 2017, five working days before the grant funding round closes. After that, only enquiries about technical issues will be answered.

And don’t forget the closing date - 28 August, 2017 5pm ACST.

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