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Support for kids + mental health tips and resources

19 May 2020

At the moment, many of us are spending a lot of time at home with kids. Children’s lives have also been turned upside down with so many now studying from home and not being able to go outside as much, or visit friends. Children may be feeling stressed and anxious about the changes to their lives. This is all very normal. However, it means adults, carers and parents need to support, guide and talk with them about what is going on.

The following sites provide valuable resources for parents and carers to help children look after their mental health.

  • Emerging Minds has some resources to help children understand the coronavirus pandemic, including videos, podcasts and fact sheets.
  • Beyond Blue has some very useful information when you are talking to young people about coronavirus.
  • Headspace has some tips about how to keep a healthy balance and reduce any of the negative mental health effects. Be mindful to take breaks from the 24 hour news cycle to reduce stress levels and anxiety.

Coronavirus has also had a big impact on work. Many parents and carers are experiencing financial hardship causing financial stress and worry.

The following sites provide useful information for parents and carers experiencing financial hardships.

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