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New app will help adults in remote communities embrace the internet


A young adult woman sits on a red chair holding a small tablet device. She is showing the screen to an older man who is gesturing to the device with his hand. They look calm and relaxed.
A new app is encouraging adults in remote communities to engage with the online world. (Photo courtesy of eSafety Office)
5 Feb 2019

The new Your Online Journey app has been created to help adults in remote communities use the internet.

E-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said it aimed to demystify the internet and help users reap the benefits of engaging online.

The app focuses on staying safe on the web, spotting scams, dealing with cyber bullying and getting the most out of the online experience.

Ms Inman Grant said some adults in remote communities were missing out on the opportunity to engage online, even when internet access was available.

The app aims to help people benefit from the advantages of engaging online, such as accessing a MyGov account and doing their banking.

Ms Inman Grant said residents in remote communities had helped develop the app by contributing their ideas.

‘We have worked closely with the Indigenous communities of Kooniba, Yatala and Hay in developing this app as a fantastic tool to meet the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians,’ she said.

It should help users stay in touch with family members, find employment in their areas and learn about community events.

The app teaches users range of step-by-step lessons in a number of modules. 

Users can set their own pace by skipping forward and also going back within the app to review parts of the lessons. It can be used offline, once it has been downloaded to a device.

The app is designed for mobile and table devices. It is a free public resource that can be downloaded by anybody and it is suitable for individuals or small training groups.

Find out more about the Your Online Journey app.

Find out more

The Your Online Journey app was developed as a joint project between the Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. Funding was provided by the Indigenous Advancement Strategy - Remote Australia Strategies Programme.

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Read the joint media release.

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