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I Saw, We Saw

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Two books are displayed side by side. On each, two Indigenous children stand at the bottom and above them are a series of rough circles in blue and purple. Words on the left book are I Saw, We Saw and on the right book, Nha Nhunu Nhanal?
Written and illustrated by students from Nhulunbuy Primary School
3 Sep 2019

To celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day in the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) has published a book called I Saw, We Saw.

The book was written and illustrated by students aged 9-12 years from Nhulunbuy Primary School in the Northern Territory. It is published in English and Yolngu Matha and describes life for children living in and around Nhulunbuy.

The young writers and illustrators were guided in their creation through a series of workshops by ILF Ambassador and award winning illustrator Ann James and former teacher librarian Ann Haddon.

When you live by the sea, there is always something to do and see and the two Anns helped the children put their adventures like hunting, fishing and playing into book form.

Reading is vital to the education of the young mind and when you read in your traditional language, it becomes vital to cultural identity and connection to land.

So when you write and illustrate a book yourself in your own language, the effect must be profound.

To mark Indigenous Literacy Day (4 September) the young writers and illustrators have travelled to Sydney to read their work at the Sydney Opera House.

An edition of the books will be given to communities in the Nhulunbuy region as well as sold in bookshops around Australia.

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More information is available at What are you doing for Indigenous Literacy Day and I Saw, We Saw.

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