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How testing works and why it’s so important

14 May 2020

Testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) is important for the health and safety of the whole community. By doing a lot of testing, Health officials will get a better understanding of how COVID-19 spreads and stop it from spreading further.

There are two main types of testing for coronavirus, a swab test and a blood test. The swab test is the most common test used in Australia.  A swab is taken from the throat or the back of the nose and tested for the virus.

Testing is happening in different places and in different ways. Places to get tested include medical centres, the medical service, a GP or respiratory clinic, or a hospital.

Don’t wait until you are really sick to get tested. You can get a test at the first sign of getting sick or coming down with a cold or flu. Call your GP or local medical service to find out where you can get tested.

Once tested, stay away from others until you get your test results.  You will be told when and how you will get your results.

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