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Going to school by barrel train


Young Aboriginal children sit in and stand next to a series of barrels mounted on wheels.
Riding to school, the Punmu way.
13 Feb 2018

Going to school has never been more fun for students in the tiny remote community of Punmu in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

The student’s enthusiasm for travelling to school in a barrel towed behind a tractor has led to an increase in school attendance. To enjoy the ride home, students must remain at school all day, and that is happening consistently.

The idea came to Punmu Community Coordinator John Reudavey while attending a fair in Perth. Designed and built with the help of John’s friends Donald Graham and Peter Doery, the barrel train has been embraced by the community.

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Getting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to school and on the path to a successful career is a high priority for the Australian Government.

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