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The goanna spirit on Anderson Sugarloaf Mountain - This Place

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Elderly Aboriginal man in blue polo shirt with Aboriginal designs on the sleeves and wearing a cap stands with a young girls in a blue shirt. In the background is grass and trees.
Dhanggati elder Bob Smith with his granddaughter Shaylan (Photo courtesy of ABC This Place)
10 Sep 2019

For thousands of years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been naming places that were sacred or important to them.

This video is part of an ABC produced series named This Place. It tells the story behind one of these special places:

The Dhanggati name for Anderson Sugarloaf Mountain is Barralbarayi.  It was a place where the men would take the boys for initiation. The goanna spirit still lives on Anderson Sugarloaf Mountain.  Dhanggati elder Bob Smith shares the story with his granddaughter Shaylan.

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