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Fishing in Arnhem Land

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Image of an Aboriginal fisherman sitting on the ground in a dark blue shirt. An orange rectangle with the words “Don Wilton” is in the right hand corner.
Don's Fishing Business
31 Jan 2019

Fisherman Don Wilton has turned his hobby into a business with an Aboriginal Coastal Fishing Licence.

He now works in partnership with two other licence holders at Nardilmuk, 25 kilometres from Maningrida in the Northern Territory.

The Nardilmuk fishers use a 100 metre vertical net to catch species including blue-tail mullet, blue salmon, queen fish and trevally.

“I run my own fishing here and we were the first to sell the fish around the community and outside the community also,’’ Mr Wilton said. “And we sell our fish to Darwin Fish Market also.”

Watch the video to see Mr Wilton’s fishing business bring in a catch.

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