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A dream job on Country and on Sea


One woman and 10 men, mostly dressed in ranger uniforms, stand on bare ground in front of a river, some signs (cannot read text) and a sliver-grey boat on a trailer.
li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Rangers are living the dream
4 Dec 2018

When you are getting paid to do what you want, where you want, you have a dream job.

And that’s exactly how the rangers in the li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Ranger Unit feel as they patrol the estuaries and coastline of their Country and their Sea on their part of the Gulf of Carpentaria, NT.

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The Australian Government supports ranger units through the Working on Country program which recognises that protecting and conserving the environment is a shared responsibility that also provides sustainable employment for Indigenous people.

The li-Anthawirriyarra [People of the Sea or Saltwater People] live in and around Borroloola and the Sir Edward Pellew Islands in the southwest Gulf of Carpentaria.

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