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Cooling down in the Western Desert


Several Aboriginal children play on a concrete slab under sun shade amongst various water features. On the left is a small train with carriages made from barrels and on the right is a building. In the distance is open ground, more structures and bushland
Cooling off in the Punmu water park
27 Jul 2018

The remote Western Australian community of Punmu has done it again. Not content with leading the world with new and innovative ways to get kids to school the community has turned a disaster into triumph.

When a transportable building collapsed, and the debris cleared away, all that was left was a large concrete slab.

With summer days in Punmu often reaching 50 degrees Celsius, what better thing to build on the slab than a water playground.

Since opening day the children and adults of Punmu have been cooling down, travelling to school and the water park by their unique barrel train.

And cooling down after a hot day in the desert is not the only benefit. With Trachoma a health issue in the community, it is hoped that wet, clean faces will help to fight the disease.

Video courtesy of Donald Graham.

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Watch for the credits at the end to acknowledge all those who made this possible.

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