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Connor Bugeja – School Based Trainee of the Year


Young man with blonde hair wearing dark jacket, vest and tie stands below a sign which says ANZ.
Connor Bugeja
19 Nov 2019

Connor Bugeja is a young Worromi man living in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

He is mid-way through his School Based Traineeship at the Katoomba Branch of the ANZ Bank and was recently nominated in the 2019 School Based Trainee of the Year category for the 1300apprentice Awards.

Jane Lingard, Branch Manager of Lithgow & Katoomba said Connor was an absolute asset to the team from day one.

‘Connor has applied himself to ensure he remains up to date with bank and the traineeship course, and seeks opportunities to work additional days during school holiday periods,’ Jane said.

‘He is professional and polite with customers, frequently receiving positive feedback regarding his approach to customer service.’

Getting a job and keeping a job are two different things. To be a valued acquisition to any organisation, a worker needs to show initiative, support his or her co-workers and be prepared to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities.

Jane said that Connor has done all of these things.

He is also a fast learner and has strong attention to detail, always following ANZ’s procedures.

And he’s reliable. Even though it takes him an hour by train to get to work, he always arrives early.

Connor is very popular amongst his workmates and his manager Jane has indicated that he has a bright future in the industry and would be a valuable full time addition.

‘It has been great to see Connor’s confidence grow during his time with us, and it has been a fantastic experience for our whole team to have his reliable and engaged presence,’ Jane said.

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