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COAG partners with Indigenous Australians on Closing the Gap

13 Dec 2018

A draft framework for Closing the Gap has been released, including 15 proposed targets and next steps for the Closing the Gap Refresh.

Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) will also partner with Indigenous Australians to finalise the Closing the Gap Refresh and ensure ongoing engagement.

The draft framework and targets are focussed on supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to live their best life.

Proposed targets focus on a range of areas, including healthy birthweight, early childhood development, school achievement, youth engagement, tertiary education, employment, child protection, family violence, youth and adult justice, housing and land and waters.

Racism, discrimination and social inclusion, healing and trauma, and the promotion of culture and language for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will be addressed across all target areas.

Find out more about the draft framework, including proposed targets and next steps at

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