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Bringing community radio back to Cherbourg


Two women sit in front of a black background with two men standing either side of them. Words on the background are Cherbourg Radio Our Voice…Your CH
Left to Right: Michael Monk – Station Coordinator & Drive Show Announcer | Christina Collier-Bond – Breakfast Announcer | Atahnee Simpson – Morning Show & Local News Announcer | Harold “Big Chance” Chapman – Midday Show & Night Jams Announcer (Photo courtesy of Cherbourg Radio)
20 Nov 2018

The community of Cherbourg in South-east Queensland has been without a community radio service for approximately 12 months.

The infrastructure from the previous “Us Mob” radio service was still intact and serviceable.

So, the new Cherbourg Radio 94.1FM just needed financial support to get up and running and become a voice for the community again.

Station Coordinator Michael Monk said the station’s aim is to build a stable and long lasting broadcast service offering comfort and stability to community elders and a guiding light for local youth.

It will move and grow with modern times and trends and deliver a service the community wants and needs.

‘A well run and well supported community radio station offers a real sense of connection to the local community, a finger on the pulse of the real issues that matter to listeners,’ Michael said.

‘This is a need that just cannot be met adequately by national and commercial “for profit” broadcasters.’

Listeners to Cherbourg Radio will hear familiar local voices talking not only about local issues, but also with a culturally appropriate approach.

Cherbourg Radio will connect local stakeholders, service providers and station supporters with the community over “heartbeat issues”. This will include those specifically relating to health, crime, building capability, and a better future for the community.

It will offer social and emotional benefits such as comfort in times of “Sorry Business”. It will celebrate wins and achievements and give listeners a sense of place and of worth.

The format is mainly music and talk with local and national First Nations news and information. This will be delivered live with local announcers on-air most days from 6am to 9pm.

‘As a long term broadcaster, one of the things I understand is the importance of also delivering a highly listenable format,’ Michael said.

‘This is where the opportunity for connection starts, it’s a “build it and they will come” approach that will ultimately drive the success, security and growth of the Cherbourg broadcasting service into the future.’

Michael said that the loss of the previous radio service made locals aware of how important the service was to the community.

‘Comments from locals have ranged from relief at being able to hear familiar voices and being kept informed, to renewed enthusiasm and offers of support.’

‘Local stakeholders have said that they have missed the service, saying that it has made them realise just how effective a tool the local broadcaster is for communicating with locals.’

The broadcast range will go beyond Cherbourg and include the wider South Burnett Region.

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The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Government supports Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council to deliver Cherbourg Radio through the Culture and Capability stream of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

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