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All Indigenous re-fuelling crew aiming high


On the left: Indigenous man dressed in workwear stands in front of fuel trucks and fuel tank. On the right: Indigenous man dressed in workwear drives a white fuel trailer past a fuel truck.
Pascoe Peter (left) and Richard Assan – two members of the Djarindjin Airport crew. (Photos provided by Kullarri Regional Communities Indigenous Corporation.)
1 Sep 2017

The remote airport, located 200kms by road from Broome has provided jobseekers Pascoe and Richard with the opportunity to work in the aviation industry; and the Djarindjin Airport now benefits from the all Indigenous re—fuelling crew who have gained valuable skills in the process.

Built in 2011, the airport is mainly used for refuelling helicopters which carry supplies to offshore oil and gas rigs. The airport currently services two to three helicopters a day but is soon expected to handle more than a dozen due to the commission of major projects in the area.

The expansion of services is also providing Richard and Pascoe with opportunities to gain upfront experience and knowledge in the aviation industry, as well as literacy and numeracy skills.

Their journey to full-time employment commenced through participation in the Community Development Programme (CDP) activities facilitated by the local provider Kullarri Regional Communities Indigenous Corporation.

Both men worked with the provider to gain work experience and obtain the mandatory training requirements such as firefighting, refuelling and first aid training to work at the airport.

“I had to do a lot of training with this job. The provider helped me get the right skills so I could do work experience here. I want to become a supervisor with the airport crew,” Richard said.

“I’ve gained skills by participating in the CDP activities at the airport,” Pascoe said.

“I’m proud to be part of an all Indigenous re-fuelling crew. Who would have thought it?”

Kullarri Operations Manager, Diann Britton, is also proud of the work the men are doing at the airport and the positive impact this has had on their lives and the community.

“I see a sense of pride in all the CDP participants, current and ex. They work hard to gain and maintain the necessary skills and qualifications,” Diann said.

“The participants are all proud of the work they do to support the community. I’m also proud that we have been able to help the community to build a very capable workforce that is providing an excellent level of service.”

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The Australian Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP) is creating better opportunities for job seekers in remote Australia and strengthening remote economies.

To find out about CDP activities in your area, contact your local Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Regional Network office.

Kullarri Regional Communities Indigenous Corporation is a CDP provider in Western Australia.

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