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Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival - Cancelled

3 Jul 2020 to 5 Jul 2020
Cape York QLD

UPDATE:The Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation have made the decision to cancel the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival 2020, as a result of the changing and widespread impacts of COVID-19.

For more information, see the full media release.


Dance keeps our culture alive. Keeps the younger generation involved. Dance is a part of our lifestyle.

The Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is the celebration of Aboriginal culture in Cape York. The Festival is a biennial event celebrating and showcasing the culture of the Aboriginal people of Cape York Peninsula through song, dance ceremony and performance.

People from about 20 different communities located across the Cape will meet at the festival grounds in Laura, the site of a very old, traditional Bora ground.

At this respected and sacred site, festival spectators will gain insight into the uniqueness of Aboriginal culture. They will witness the story telling of Aboriginal culture through dance, language and art.

Come to Laura, home of Australia’s most significant collection of rock art.

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3 Jul 2020 to 5 Jul 2020
Cape York QLD 4871
07 40602239

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