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Top Tips for Submitting an ABA Application

28 Jan 2020

1. What is ABA Funding

  • ABA funding is for one-off projects that are for the benefit of Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory (NT).
  • The preference is for projects to be delivered by Indigenous owned or controlled organisations or Indigenous individuals (sole traders) based in the NT.
  • ABA does not support proposals that are the responsibility of government funding.

2. Visit the ABA website

  • Determine if you are eligible to apply for ABA funding.
  • Read the application kit to see what is required.
  • Prepare your list of questions to discuss with the ABA team in Darwin.

3. Talk to the ABA team before preparing your application to ensure your proposal fits with ABA

  • Call the ABA team in Darwin on 1800 354 612
  • Email us at 
  • Arrange to meet with us face to face

4. Prepare your supporting documentation

  • Budget
    You must submit a proposed budget for the life of the project. Use the template provided on the ABA website.
  • Quotes
    If your proposal includes the purchase of equipment you must provide formal quotes that are not more than 12 months old.
  • Viability of business application
    If your application relates to a business proposal, you must consult with Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) and submit their assessment relating to the financial viability of your proposal with your application.
  • Leasing Aboriginal Land
    A lease or other land agreement is needed for proposals that relate to developing assets on Aboriginal land. You will need to confirm the lease or agreement is in place, or that you have applied for a lease or agreement and demonstrate the stage of the application.
  • Land acquisition and management
    If your proposal relates to purchasing land, managing land or agriculture, you must consult with the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) and submit with your application the completed form available on the ABA web page for land proposals.
  • Project management or business plan
    A project management plan or a business plan is required for projects that request funding of more than $250,000. See the ABA website for more information.
  • Letters of support
    Applications are strengthened by attaching letters of support from people who will directly benefit from the project. Letters from funding bodies who can confirm the project is not their funding responsibility should also be attached if applicable.

5. How to submit an application

  • Applications are submitted using the online application form, which is located on the ABA website.
  • If you cannot access the online application form please call the ABA team on 1800 354 612, or send an email to

The next Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) funding round will open on 28 January 2020 and close 20 March 2020.

To apply or find out more information go to the National Indigenous Australians Agency website and

Find out more

For more information on the ABA including the application kit and whether your organisation is eligible to apply, visit the National Indigenous Australians Agency website

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