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Group of Indigenous people look at camera. Front row sit on chairs and backrow stand. sitting on chairs in a line. All are in neat casual clothing. In the background are pillars and trees.
The TSRA Board in 1994, which includes many of the Torres Strait’s greatest leaders. The TSRA will always make every effort to respect Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people’s cultural sensitivities when featuring the images or names of people who have passed away. However, please be advised that this photo contains images of persons who have passed away and we offer our apologies for any distress caused. Seated from left to right: George Mye, Joey Nona, Terry Waia, Getano Lui Jnr (Chairman), Doli Bin Tahal, Sanawai Aragu, Nelson Billy. Standing from left to right: Gibson Pearson, Joseph Mosby, John Abednego, Edward Dau, Joseph Elu (Commissioner) , Reg Williams, Gaidam Gisu, Miseon Levi and Arthur Stephen. Absent: Romina Fujii, Michael Bani and Henry Garnier.