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Yamba the Honeyant and best friend Jacinta Price

Yamba the Honeyant and Jacinta Price

Yamba and Jacinta are stars of the indigenous themed preschool television program, “Yamba’s Playtime”.

From: Yamba the Honeyant and best friend Jacinta Price

Location: Imparja Television,
Alice Springs, Northern Territory


Post on:

25 Sep 2012

Role in Community:

Yamba and Jacinta are stars of the first indigenous themed preschool television program to receive a P classification, “Yamba’s Playtime”.  This show is broadcast on Imparja Television and has been shown on the Nine Network.

Yamba and Jacinta are also the stars of “Yamba’s Roadshow”, an early childhood healthy living musical stageshow which has so far travelled extensively in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Everywhere Yamba and Jacinta appear together, whether it is an appearance in their hometown of Alice Springs or in the middle of Queensland performing their musical, they always promote how to ‘stay healthy and strong’ to children and adults.

Who or what inspires you?

Yamba and Jacinta like Vegeman because he loves fruit and vegetables.

Milpa the Goanna inspires them also because he teaches the children to wash their face, afterall, a clean face means strong eyes.

Where would you like to see your community in the future?

Yamba and Jacinta would like to have made a difference to all the communities they have visited. In years to come they would like to see the children of those communities, grown up to be very healthy and strong adults. And when those adults become parents, they can be an example of health to their children, teaching them how to stay healthy and strong also.

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