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Vanessa Edwards

Vanessa Edwards

"The most important thing we need to teach our future generations is to stay at school!"

From: Vanessa Edwards

Location: Windale, NSW

Role in Community: Relieving Aboriginal Education Officer and community member

Post on:

30 Apr 2014

What is your favourite memory from school?

As a student at school myself, I hated every moment of it! I never thought I'd end up working for one! I get to have new memories every day at school! I work at a wonderful school with roughly 70 Aboriginal students. Each day I get to enjoy seeing these students soak in the knowledge and achieve their dreams whether they be big or small. I am greeted every day by happy smiling faces who love to learn and I am able to help and guide these students to the futures they deserve. I love my work!

Looking back, what would you tell your younger self about going to school?

Looking back at my time at school, I wish I'd had someone like me to support and encourage me to achieve my goals. If I had known then what I know now I would definitely have worked harder and enjoyed school a lot more than I did. I guess that's why I am so passionate about my job. Sometimes it can be tough but it is so worth it when you see students achieve their goals.

What do you think is the most important thing we can teach future generations?

The most important thing we need to teach our future generations is to "Stay at school!" Culture and Respect are the two most important words for our generation now and for our generations in the future. We need our future generations to step up and lead our culture or it will just be a distant memory.

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