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Reniat Sandy
Postcard | 30 Mar 2015

Make sure they know we are here for them if they need help.

Donna Waters
Postcard | 17 Mar 2015

Be respectful to your parents and elders and family. Don't be cheeky to your parents and don't take your parents for granted.

Karen Nangala Woodley and child
Postcard | 9 Feb 2015

Always know and believe that you are infinite and that through hard work and tenacity you can be whatever you want to be.

Todd Fernando
Postcard | 3 Feb 2015

Becoming educated does not mean losing your identity - rather it strengthens who you are, who you can be, and what you can achieve.

Kai Clancy wearing t-shirt and shorts sits on a chair in an open space with tents in the background.
Postcard | 2 Feb 2015

"Looking back I would tell myself to remember that you always have the option to be yourself."

Piece of Aboriginal art
Postcard | 29 Jan 2015

Keep at it.....LISTEN!!!

Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre
Postcard | 21 Oct 2014

"You can do most things if you really want to. Everyone is created equal."

Loe Stanford
Postcard | 21 Oct 2014

"The world is a bigger place than you can see right now and you can do big things and go to amazing trust yourself and be BRAVE!"

Julie McNeil
Postcard | 20 Oct 2014

"There is another fun fact to share every day at school if you listen and learn."

Robert Rutherford
Postcard | 20 Oct 2014

"Stay in school, education is your way out, never feel bad for yourself and always pick yourself up and try again".


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