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Postcard | 2 Oct 2012

 Strong, community-minded Aboriginal women inspire me.

Postcard | 2 Oct 2012

If it wasn't for the computer I would be a long way from finding my real family (from Trouwunna (Tas), the languange group Pyemirrinner).

Postcard | 30 Sep 2012

Being strong, leading the way - that's where I want to see my community in the future.

Postcard | 28 Sep 2012

I would like to see the Butchulla community continue to work together to achieve their goals in health education and lifestyle.

Yamba the Honeyant and Jacinta Price
Postcard | 25 Sep 2012

Yamba and Jacinta are stars of the indigenous themed preschool television program, “Yamba’s Playtime”.

Postcard | 17 Sep 2012

I believe people who work hard and make sacrifices to get ahead are inspirational.

ACT Multicultural festival, 2012
Postcard | 13 Sep 2012

Our Motto is “We have Survived, We now want to thrive”

Postcard | 13 Sep 2012

Bret and Sid from the AEC WA State Office - Perth


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