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Akram Azimi
Postcard | 20 May 2013

Recognition of Indigenous Australians means acknowledging a fundamental part of our identity and heritage.

Postcard | 3 May 2013

My Mother inspires me because she always believes hard work gets you somewhere, no matter how mundane or draining the task can be.

Postcard | 8 Feb 2013

Pre school helps all kids to gain really important skills for socialising, being creative and getting ready for school. High quality pre-school made a big difference to my kids and has made their start at school smooth and successful.

Postcard | 9 Jan 2013

People who strive for a cause and never surrender to overwhelming odds against them.

Postcard | 9 Jan 2013

Strong leaders in our communities inspire me most.

Postcard | 8 Jan 2013

Those who are proud of their culture and heritage and never forget it.

Postcard | 7 Jan 2013

Perserverance inspires me! Those who continue to fight and keep going in life, inspite of the circumstances and obsticles they face. It takes a great deal of courage and determination to defy adversity and persevere in life.

Postcard | 4 Jan 2013

I am most inspired by those moments where a student approaches me and shares with me some of their history and their families story.

Postcard | 4 Jan 2013

The students that I work with everyday inspire me! I have the best job in the world.

Postcard | 22 Nov 2012

In the future, I would like to see a healthier and more understanding community.


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