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Photo of Charlie Maher
Postcard | 20 Jun 2013

My mother is my role model. If I didn’t have her in my life, I might’ve gone in a different direction.

Lara Iceton
Postcard | 17 Jun 2013

Aunties in community that have put in hard yards to make a difference for future generations are my role models, like Dr Naree Brown.

Postcard | 14 Jun 2013

I wanted to be a ranger up in northeast Arnhem Land like my father.

Picture of Jayden Dann
Postcard | 13 Jun 2013

My future aspirations are to continue working in education with a range of individuals to help in their professional development and build an awareness of the importance that education has in closing the gap.

Kevin Kropinyeri
Postcard | 13 Jun 2013

Chris Sarra is my role model, he’s so driven. He’s making waves in our community and is passionate about improving the lives of our people.

Shari Togo
Postcard | 12 Jun 2013

I don’t really have one particular role model, I am inspired by the many wonderful people I have met through my work and travels – from other dancers, to young kids, Aboriginal elders and comedians

Bryte MC
Postcard | 12 Jun 2013

It’s important to grow up with a positive mindset – to get out of the kind of mindset where you think it’s okay to leave school early.

Jessica Rees
Postcard | 11 Jun 2013

My role models are my mum and dad. Mum worked most of my life as a single working mum and is South American and taught me the values of her culture.

Vanessa Longbottom
Postcard | 7 Jun 2013

My role models would have to be my kids, grandkids and the Aboriginal kids I work with...Nothing better then seeing our kids moving forward in their lives with education.

Luke Carroll
Postcard | 6 Jun 2013

I think education makes a strong future. My mum has been in education for the last 25 years, so education has been a very important part of my life


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